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Harbhajan Mann With His brother Rare Photos

This is one of the rare photo Harbhajan Mann With his brother . Hope you never seen this amazing and stylish picture of Harbhajan Mann, We collect hundreds of pics and movies, and song list and Harbhajan Mann personal life information please keep visit our blog and stay in touch.

harbhajan mann new movie

Movie: 'Haani'

Starring: Harbhajan Mann, Mahreen Kaleka, Sarbjit Cheema, Sonia Mann, Sardar Sohi, Chacha Raunki Ram aka Balwinder Vicky, Bhajna Amli aka Gurdev Dhillon, Anuj Sachdeva, Rupan Bal, Manpreet Akhtar, Shweta, Ashish Duggal, Rupinder Rupi, Dilkhush, Gursharan Mann, and Gurbinder Sandhu

Quite noticeable is Rupan Bal, who is famous for his acts on YouTube channel Jusreign

Director: Amitoje Maan

Music: Jaidev Kumar

Lyrics: Babu Singh Maan

Release Date: September 6, 2013

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harbhajan mann new movie

harbhajan mann portrait

harbhajan mann portrait

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Harbhajan Mann Amazing Pics

Harbhajan Mann Bio April 2014

Harbhajan Mann is a Punjabi singer and actor. He was born on 30 December,1965. Harbhjan Mann, the heartthrob, is a singing sensation and a demonstrated punjabi movie actor, Although much known for his singing art will soon be known and punjabi all rounder star in the entertainment industry.. His got spotlight in punjabi music industry with his astonishing performance and miraculous voice in "Husn Jawani". When he became "Inder" in "Jee Aayan Nu" in 2002 and his success in "Asa Nu Mann Watna Da" stamped him with a label of star in the punjabi movie world, and his recent movies like Mera Pind, and Jag Jeondeyan De Mele are one of the few blockbusters of Punjabi cinema

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Harbhajan Mann - A Family Singer ,

We thank  Goldy Sharma, Nick Behal and Lai of Sizzlin Events for organising   such a great event of Harbhajan Mann’s concert  in Australia.

A humble singer and a talented actor, a father to three and a committed husband. Born on 30th December in remote village of Khemuana Bathinda, Punjab.
Harbhajan maan needs no introduction today; his credential is his dedication to Punjabi cinema. Harbhajan Mann is now a loved family name world wide. His down to earth and a homely attitude brings him respect.

Harbhajan Mann, The current Punjabi pop sensation, is one who has seen meteoric rise On Indian cine charts. It is his versatile singing and understanding of Punjabi Music which gives him an edge in this much cluttered Punjabi pop scenario. Harbhajan’s ‘no’ to any kind of violence or nudity in his movies or music videos and his choice of meaningful lyrics brings out true Indian tradition and culture.

His first professional break came to him in 1992 while he was still in Canada with the release of Chithiye Nee Chithiye. The track which was a super hit with the target audiences in Punjab and the Punjab of the West- Southall. Then he realised that the scope for Punjabi vernacular music in Canada was limited, as the audiences were a handful of non resident audience’s .Wanting to harness his potential to the maximum he shifted to back to his motherland India and his roots in Punjab. Since then Mann over the years has released a lots of entertaining music and has enchanted and entertained his fans

1. Chithiye Ne Chithiye (1992)
2. Jag Jeondeyan De Mele (1994)
3. Panth Tere Diyan Goojan (1995) [Religious album W/ Gursewak Mann]
4. Raj Karega Khalsa (1995) [Religious album W/ Gursewak Mann]
5. Vadhaiyan Jee Vadhaiyan (1996)
6. Amrit Da Batta (1999) [Religious album W/ Gursewak Mann]
7. Oye-Hoye (1999)
8. Lala Lala Lala (2000)
9. Haaye Meri Billo (2001)
10. Nachlai (2001)
11. Jee Aayan Nu (Film/2002)

Recently he was in Melbourne for his Jag Jeondeyan De Mele promotion tour Hosted by Goldy Sharma, Nik Behal and Mr.Lalli of . Sizzlin Events They also hosted a Lunch in his honor at Aangan Resturant on Barkly Street in Footscray. Beyond India talks to him regarding his life and profession. Talking to him Mr.Moti Visa (Editor-in-Chief) and I felt in a noble mans company a soft spoken respectable attitude of Mr. Mann was winning us over. While talking to him he told us about his upcoming  Film project Heer Ranjha. It was his dream to make Waris shah’s Heer-Ranja in Punjabi. ”As Heer-Ranja was written in Punjabi by a Punjabi Sufi saint Though the movie produced by Ketan Anand in Hindi was also a very good movie. However Harbhajan Mann always wished that this movie should be made in Punjabi. Neru Bajwa will be his Heer in this Punjabi movie .This movie will be directed by Harjit Singh.

Mr. Mann introduced a new artist Vinay  Buttar (0430131336) one of his students, now living in Melbourne who is a very good singer and asked the community to give him chance while celebrating Lori, Baisakhi and also in marriage etc.

Mr. Harbhajan Mann is a fabulous actor as well as an accomplished dancer. I must state that he is not only a
fabulous singer/actor but also a wonderful human being.

harbhajan mann in his village Khemuana Bathinda Punjab India

harbhajan mann in his village Khemuana Bathinda Punjab India
harbhajan mann in his village Khemuana Bathinda Punjab India

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